Refinance/Debt Consolidation

Refinancing Your Mortgage

The reasons you may be looking to access your home’s equity and refinance your mortgage are unique to you:

  • consolidate debts
  • renovate your home
  • make an investment
  • pay for post-secondary education
  • a new addition to the family

Whatever the reason, or if you are just looking to benefit from a lower mortgage rate, it can make sense to refinance your mortgage. At Invis-Feisal & Associates we can assess the penalties you may incur for breaking a closed mortgage, and if refinancing your mortgage is indeed your best option. One tip to remember is to understand your prepayment features of your current mortgage and whether this can be factored in to decrease any penalty incurred.

At Invis-Feisal & Associates, we have access to a full range of financial lenders and can guide you to the mortgage solution that best suits your individual needs. Make sure you’re getting the most from your mortgage strategy!

Debt Consolidation

Restructure Debts With Your Mortgage

Many Canadians these days are carrying debt from several sources – credit cards, car loans, personal loans – and are paying much more in interest costs than they should be. An option to consider is to pay off higher interest debts with funds secured through a refinanced mortgage.

Debt restructuring or consolidation can offer a simple way to better manage your borrowing costs. Some who restructure opt to shorten their mortgage amortization. Paying off your mortgage in a shorter amount of time will easily save you several thousands of dollars in mortgage interest costs. Others who restructure opt for lower monthly mortgage payments which create larger monthly cash flow for other purposes.

Most importantly, a well thought-out debt restructuring plan can set you up for success, because at the end of the mortgage amortization period, your total debt is zero. With revolving credit – such as credit cards – you may be paying a lot in interest without ever attacking the principal.

Take control of your borrowing costs – at Invis-Feisal & Associates we will review your financial needs and show you how restructuring your borrowings can reduce the interest paid on debt.

“Thank you for making this mortgage a reality for us. The personal attention you gave our account will always be remembered. Thank you.”

– Dan and Kate W.