Mortgage Transfers

Why Transfer Your Mortgage

As your renewal date draws closer, it is time to start thinking about your renewal options. Did you know that lenders retain 80-90% of their clients at the time of mortgage renewal? Because their retention ratio is so high, lenders know that they don’t need to be competitive on rates in order to retain clients. They are “banking” on the fact that you will simply tick the box on the renewal letter and will not challenge them on the given rate.

At Invis-Feisal & Associates we will also discuss which mortgage product and options are best for you, and help you with a customized mortgage strategy. This is important because by the time your mortgage comes up for renewal, you are most likely in a different financial position than when you first obtained the mortgage loan. As our financial and life circumstances change, so does the mortgage that is best for our needs and goals.

With one phone call to us, you can literally save thousands of dollars by having us transfer your mortgage to a new lender. At Invis-Feisal & Associates, we will determine what your current mortgage needs are, update your file and submit your application for a mortgage transfer to a new lender – you’ll enjoy the same convenience, get a great rate and as usual, there is no cost to you for this service!

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal soon, would a transfer be the right approach for you? Want to know the best mortgage strategy for your individual situation?

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