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It pays to be informed, and this is the place for up-to-date Canadian mortgage information. Whether you are looking to buy a home, or looking for tips on getting the most from your financing, count on Invis-Feisal & Associates for information, ideas and mortgage advice for Canadian homebuyers, home owners and real estate investors.

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The Mortgage Process

A Simplifed Overview. Learn everything you need to know from Mortgage Pre-Approval to Legal Documentation.

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Types of Mortgages

The difference between an Open and Closed Mortgage. Understanding Fixed Rate and Variable Rate Mortgages.

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Terms and Rates

The term of a mortgage is the length of time a lender will loan mortgage funds to a borrower. An interest rate is the amount of charged on a monthly loan payment, expressed as a percentage.

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Closing Costs

Learn about the majority of expenses associated with purchasing a home and obtaining financing.

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Paying Off Your Mortgage Sooner

Learn how to shorten the length of your mortgage and minimize the cost of borrowing.

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Mortgage Tips

Helpful articles and tips.

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Answers to some great questions we’ve been asked.

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The Mortgage Dictionary.

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