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New Home HST/GST Calculator

Calculate the HST on a New Home by using this BC Real Estate NEW HOME HST/GST CALCULATOR provided by the law firm of Rosborough & Company (http://www.rosborough.com/bc-real-estate-new-home-hst-calculator.html).  

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Nine ways to power-save your way to a down payment
Saving your money is not easy but owning your own home is a good motivator. Here are nine ways to power-save your way to a down payment:

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Freedom 58? How Canadians are shaving thousands off their mortgage
A new survey by Angus Reid for CIBC says that, on average, Canadian homeowners expect to be mortgage-free by age 58.

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Property Transfer Tax and the First-Time Buyer Exemption
Recognizing that the tax would be an obstacle to home ownership, the provincial government provided an exemption for 'first-time' buyers. But not everyone who has never owned a home is a first-time buyer under the Act.

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Feisal Panjwani Featured on Breakfast Television - September 5th, 2013

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